Legal Translating Services

Legal translation is a sticky business for all involved. The mistranslation of a single text could lead to a lawsuit if performed under the wrong circumstances. Only specialized translators should even try to do so, given how complicated legalistic language is and the stakes in question. Legal translation usually involves the responsibilities and duties of certain people or interest groups, and a mistranslation can be disastrous. Legal translators will do post editing, subtitling, machine and computer assisted work, as well as transcription, transliteration, interpretation via the telephone, and using their full range of skills to overcome lingual gaps. Legal translation can involve any and all legal documents, including depositions, witness statements, certificates of accuracy, trusts, wills, and litigation documents. (more…)

Understanding Legal Translation for Business

Because the world is filled with multiple languages and many businesses are operating in multiple countries, there is a need for legal documents to be available in a native tongue. Because of the importance of these documents and the need for a vast understanding of both languages involved, anyone looking to perform legal translation for a living will need to be prepared to prove themselves as an expert in the area. For more information on this subject see

To begin with, this individual will need to have a deep understanding of the legal system. With it, they need to know how to provide accurate translations in both language and understand that some words simply do not carry across both languages in the same manner.

Additionally, the individual interested in legal translation will also need to ensure their qualifications will work in the field they are looking at. For example, an individual who is looking to provide these services for a court house will have to have a more extensive understanding that an individual who is dealing with a focused area such as human rights or even criminal law.

Legal writing skills at near the expert level will prove to be beneficial for the interested individual. This is a more in depth understanding beyond basic writing skills. Phrasing and an understanding of technical terms in both languages is important. (more…)